Stuff dot Guide Logo Large - Find best web stuffThanks for visiting our About page. I guess you want to know what the heck is this site about. Simply it’s a group of people who help each other to find best web stuff.

So here’s the problem, Search engines show a list of auto-generated search results for a query. It ranks web contents based on relevancy. It often neglect qualitative factors of these web stuff since it require human judgement. Hence, You often have to search for query after query in order to find what’s the best solution for your need. For example, You need to find what is the best microphone for engines will give you ton of suggestions. You will have to do your own research to find what is the perfect fit.

The solution, what if there’s a place in online that curates all the best web stuff according to search engine rankings and allow net users to vote, give feedback on them? This will essentially remove that qualitative human judgment barrier. Now you have a one central ranked list to look at when you do your research about what is the best microphone for podcasting.

Stuff Guide is an online community where people guide others to choose what’s best and works for the need!

We help you to answer the question “What is the best available stuff for my need”.  We do this with the help of Stuff Guide Community. Our ‘Stuff Clan’ vote (+ or -) and give feedback (comments section below each individual list item) on items that they think are the best and worst in a particular ranked list. The list items are ordered based on best to worst rated (descending order). Stuff clan can suggest in the comments section any missing items that they think should be included in the list. We evaluate the content and base on our judgement we add those suggested items to the list. This way a particular ranked list is continually evolving and reflect most up to date contents. We encourage all of you to vote on items that you think are the best or worst and suggest anything we have missed in the comments section.

Our aim of this site is to make your web content research easier…so come on in and get some help with your web search.

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